Our Environmental Policy

Falkirk Council and The Helix will conduct its business responsibility, in a way that protects the environment, actively prevents pollution and protects the health and safety of employees, visitors and local residents. 


To meet its commitment, we will seek to achieve the highest environmental standards and will: 


Measure energy consumption 

Set targets to encourage responsible usage, wherever possible, purchase energy from renewable sources and support the use of energy from sustainable resources.


Manage waste more sustainably

Reducing consumption, reusing, recycling, and recovering waste wherever possible.


Encourage the use of more sustainable and public transport options

By employees and visitors wherever possible, measuring and setting targets to reduce the impacts of travel.


Use natural resources in a more sustainable way

And aim to protect and enhance Falkirk’s wildlife and biodiversity on land managed by Falkirk Council.


Make responsible, ethical purchasing choices

Specifying wherever practicable, the purchase of locally sourced, recycled and recyclable, least environmentally damaging goods and materials.


Support the principles of sustainable construction and design

Incorporating them into public and private developments whenever possible.


Communicate openly

With the public, employees, neighbours, local businesses, public interest groups and other interested parties.


Regularly review and openly report

On our environmental performance in order to achieve continual improvement.


Comply with all relevant environmental legislation and regulations

Codes of best working practice and other recognised requirements.


Educate and inform

Employees and other stakeholders in environmental matters and the relevant impacts of Council activities on the environment.


Protect and enhance

The natural and built environment.


Raise public awareness

Of all of the above environmental issues through the formal education system and the life long learning framework.


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