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Experience The Kelpies 21.04.14
The Kelpies are now open!
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Helix Events

  • The Heart of The Helix Walk

    Our Monday evening Heart of The Helix walk. Departs Falkirk Stadium. Every Monday until further notice.
  • Discover Cycling - 31st May

    31 May 2014
    Come to Helix Park on the 31st May and the 1st June to try a huge range of amazing bikes that make cycling fun for everyone!
  • Experience The Kelpies

    21 Apr 2014
    Find out more about booking tickets for The Kelpies Experience guided tour.
  • "The artistic intent (of the Kelpies) is built around a contemporary sculptural monument. Water-borne, towering gateways into The Helix, the Forth & Clyde canal and Scotland, translating the legacy of the area into proud equine guardians." Andy Scott, Sculptor
  • "It was a great weekend - an awful lot was achieved. Both myself and my volunteer officer were made to feel so welcome and part of the group. It’s fantastic to be involved in a project where the community takes the ownership of their local area so seriously." Will Ferguson–Smith, BTCV, on restoration of Celtic Circle
  • Every 10 miles cycled saves 2kg of carbon dioxide - it keeps you fit and saves you more than £1 per mile.
  • Did you know? The Helix is promoting health. Spend time outdoors and feel the benefit. Start by exploring our extensive network of paths in Helix South.
  • "I've met some incredible folk, way outside of my social circle, and become involved in the most diverse projects.Turns out that The Helix not only reinvigorated 'under-used land', they reinvigorated that little bit of me that was under-used too!" Tracey Fullerton, Helix volunteer
  • Did you know? The Forth & Clyde Canal is one of Scotland's most important inland waterways. Originally built in the 18th century it re-opened in 2002 after the UK's largest-ever canal refurbishment project. You can now cross Scotland from east to west along 35 miles of fully navigable waterway.
  • "Get outdoors on the Helix paths and try out Nordic Walking. We use specially designed poles to provide a full body workout. This type of walking will strengthen your back, train your core, tone your body and help you lose weight." Barbara McConnell, Walk Leader
  • "The principle form of the sculpture takes its inspiration from the profile of a laurel leaf, a reference to Falkirk's rich Roman heritage. The laurel leaf is also a recognised symbol of victory, which is equally appropriate in the context of Abbotshaugh Woodland..." Jephson Robb, creator of 'Love & Kisses'