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Facilities and Parking

Here's some important information for anyone visiting The Helix or The Kelpies. 

  • The Plaza Cafe serves a selection of sandwiches, snacks, cakes, hot and cold drinks, and ice creams for warmer days. The theme of our café is "the outside, indoors" hence its open plan nature and tables and chairs overlooking the lagoon.

    The Plaza Café is open from 12:00pm to 5:00pm Monday to Friday and 10.00am - 5.00pm Saturday and Sunday, from March to October. 

  • The Kelpies Tours are bookable online or by calling our visitor centre - we really recommend you pre book to avoid disappointment on busy days!

    You can book here online or in person at The Visitor Centre at The Helix. 

    For more information on the tour please phone 01324 590600.

  • There are toilets available in The Visitor Centre during opening hours of 9.30 -17.00. 

    There are toilets in the Plaza Cafe and Kelpies Car Park. The opening hours for these toilets are:

    October: 9:00am - 5:30pm
    November-March: 9:00am-4:00pm
    April-September: 9:00am-8:00pm


  • Within The Helix the first car park is free of charge.

    Charges apply in the second car park, which is situated closer to the Kelpies. The charging period operates from April to October inclusive: 10am - 8pm. From 23rd October to Thursday 29th March there is no charge for this car park. 

    PLEASE NOTE: The Kelpies car park is closed between 8pm and 8am from October through to March (inclusive). The first car park will remain open for visitors at all times. The distance from the first car park to The kelpies is 0.8km. 

    car park charges

    The car parks within the Helix fills up quickly on busy days, so arriving early helps, or try parking at Falkirk Stadium (FK2 9EE) and enjoy the 1 mile walk through Helix Park to the Kelpies. 

    Electric Vehicles

    If you are visiting us using an electric vehicle, electric vehicle chargepoints can be found at the Falkirk Stadium (near The Helix). These include a Triple Head Rapid Charger unit and two 22kW Type 2 dual socket posts. 

    The chargepoints are administered by Charge your Car (CYC) and provide a great location to top up while you enjoy a walk or cycle around The Helix, or to The Kelpies and back


  • Blue badge holder parking is available at Helix Park carpark, The Kelpies car park and at the Visitor Centre.

    All the paths around Helix Park, Helix South and The Kelpies Hub are fully accessible to visitors in wheelchairs. We are upgrading the Helix North paths to improve access for all. 

  • We welcome respectful dog walkers at The Helix; it's a great place to walk your dog. We only ask that you clean up after your dog and be mindful of other park users when letting your dog off the lead.

    Dogs are more than welcome on The Kelpies Tour, however they are not allowed  to enter inside The Kelpies or inside the visitor centre. We do have doggy lead clips on our picnic tables outside the visitor centre however!

  • The walking distance from The Kelpies car park to The Kelpies is approximately 300 metres. The walking tour is approximately 45mins long. The Kelpies Tour is wheelchair-friendly. Wheelchair use is available for tour guests if required.

  • Falkirk Stadium Car Park to Plaza Café/Adventure Zone: 0.3 miles / 0.5km

    Helix Park Car Park to Plaza Café/Adventure Zone: 0.3 miles / 0.5km

    Plaza Café/Adventure Zone to Kelpies Ticket Office/Kelpies Car Park (via boardwalk): 0.6 miles / 1km

    Kelpies Car Park to Visitor Centre/The Kelpies: 0.2 miles / 0.3km

    Kerse lift bridge to The Kelpies (via Canal): 0.25 miles / 0.4km

    Falkirk Stadium Car Park to The Kelpies: 1.1 miles / 1.75km

    Around the Helix Lagoon: 0.5 miles/0.8km circular

  • Visitor Centre at The Helix
    Helix Park
    FK2 7ZT