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Woodland landmark comes full circle

20 October 2011

It was Ground Force Langlees/Bainsford as local residents teamed up to renovate the Celtic Circle in the Abbotshaugh woodland.

Working with artist Jephson Robb, who's designing the Sentinel planned for the woodland as part of the Helix project, the residents braved wind and rain as they worked steadfastly over two days to restore the circle to its former glory.

This included removing and replacing damaged woodwork before adding a fresh coat of paint.

Plans to bring the 11-year-old Circle back to life were devised during recent Helix-led community conversations about the landscaping of the Abbotshaugh woodland.

Here's what some of the residents had to say.

Mark Cameron: "A great day was had by all."

Tracy Hendry: " A good show of community spirit."

Margaret Hendry: "Three generations of family all joined in to restore the Circle back to what we did originally."

Graham Keltie: " A good enjoyable day had by all, lots of laughs."

Michael Burke: "I had a brilliant day. I took lots of photos of people getting involved and doing their bit."

Wilma Barlow: "There was lots of hard work and lots of fun. It's nice to see the Circle looking good again. I hope the community appreciate it and use it often."

Will Ferguson-Smith from BTCV, who helped with the restoration, said: "It was a great weekend - an awful lot was achieved. Both myself and my volunteer officer were made to feel so welcome and part of the group. It's fantastic to be involved in a project where the community takes the ownership of their local area so seriously."