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The Kelpies Tour

Come and see the world's largest equine sculptures up close. You might be able to see The Kelpies from afar, but The Kelpies Tour allows you to actually go inside a Kelpie and marvel at the complexity of engineering that created these incredible works of art.

Tickets are available on the day from The Visitor Centre at The Helix, but the best way to avoid disappointment is to pre-book your ticket. You can also contact The Visitor Centre on 01324 590600 for more information.


Arriving for your Tour

The tour will begin adjacent to The Visitor Centre and not at The Kelpies themselves. Please report to Visitor Centre reception before your tour starts.



Groups and Schools

If you're looking to bring a group to The Kelpies Tour, please visit our group bookings page and complete the form.

If you are looking to bring a school to The Kelpies Tour, pease visit our schools booking page and complete the form.

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