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The Helix | What's in a Path?

21 Feb

It's not often that work becomes a place for philosophising about the simpler things in life and the pleasure they can bring, but we've been doing just that whilst out enjoying some time away from the office exploring the paths of Helix South.

All that time in the fresh air has clearly gotten to our heads as we've started pondering the big question: What's in a path?

Essentially, Helix South is paths. Really nice paths. Paths suitable for walking, running, cycling, skating, buggies, and wheelchairs, and mostly lit at night to tackle the seemingly never-ending Scottish winter. But who gets excited about paths? It's only when you think about the possibilities of a path unfurling before you that it becomes….interesting. Where can it take you?

435x 325_0002_000_nordic _walking .jpg

Robert Frost wrote the poem 'The Road Not Taken' about the significance of the metaphorical path in life, but the literal meaning of choosing which path to travel down is one that has resonated with many a walker. Or is that just us?

There is excitement in the anticipation of where it will lead: perhaps towards an old friend; you bump into each other, go for a coffee and a catch up, and have a laugh, all thanks to a path. Or maybe it takes you and the wee ones out for a bike ride, teaching them a new skill as you spend quality time together, just from a path. Or for a run with a partner in the evening after a long day in work, pounding your worries away, heading nowhere in particular, because of a path.

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Paths are about connections and that's a big part of the Helix plan. With 14km of lit paths in Helix South linking Grangemouth, Beancross, Polmont, Lower Braes, Laurieston, and Westquarter, Connecting Communities is more than just an infrastructure plan, we really are connecting communities. And the Helix is vast: 27km of pathways passing through woodland, fields, parkland, wetlands, and waterways, connecting sixteen communities along the way. Soon we'll be opening up even more of this network around The Kelpies Hub, and upgrading the network in Helix North: until then, call up an old friend, get the kids ready, or lace up your running shoes, and take a walk, bike ride, or run around Helix South. And while you're out there, try to take in Westquarter Glen; it's a hidden gem right on the edge of Helix South where you can try your hand at some real-world treasure hunting with Geocaching.

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And don't worry, getting outdoors won't necessarily lead to an overwhelming desire to philosophise, but if you do, we'd love to hear your thoughts! 

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