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Welcome Helix Helen!

Helix Helen

We welcome the latest member to the team, Helen, our brand new Volunteer Coordinator.  Here she tells us a little about herself and what she has planned for The Helix!

New Passions

I am very excited about my new role at The Helix as Volunteer Co-ordinator!

It combines my two main passion's: greenspace and communities. These themes have been evident throughout my working life. I began in Reddish Vale Country Park, near Manchester better known for 'Mr. Blooms Nursery', a BBC children's show that filmed in a community garden I helped create. I have worked and volunteered with local people through charities and local authorities on many greenspace projects. One example is Stirling based charity Forth Environment Link where I was a member of staff and when I left for a career break to care for my young family I was delighted to be invited to become a Trustee which I enjoyed doing for over 4 years. I am a keen walker (not so much rambler) and so I hope to see you as I stomp round the park. I very much support Stepforth, as a former Health Walks Co-ordinator myself who was responsible for the largest scheme of its kind in Bristol, England.       

I have lots of exciting plans for THe Helix in the foreseeable future and well as supporting colleagues across Falkirk Community Trust on all things volunteer related!  I gained considerable experience in this area whilst working at Volunteer Centre, Bath where I lead the organisation to become nationally accredited and supported over 200 local voluntary organisations on best practice.   

I was interested in The Helix from the early days, I came along to the community consultations and frequently visit the site with my family. The Helix has involved volunteers and the community from its very conception. I would like to reignite this energy and passion and take it into the future. There are a number of fantastic volunteers that shaped what we see today. We can build on these foundations and involve more people to take The Helix forward. 

The Helix is a great dynamic site and I am working to develop a variety of roles that local people will enjoy, plus the park and all its visitors will benefit from. The Helix Green Team is the first opportunity to go live and get involved with. This is an outdoor, hands-on opportunity alongside the Gardeners and Park Attendants. Volunteers will carry out various conservation and gardening tasks in the lesser known areas of Helix Park. A programme of activities are being developed such as planting, plant and animal habitat development and maintenance. All tools and training will be provided. Volunteers are required to bring wellies, waterproofs and enthusiasm. For more details or to book your place for on the Helix Green Team for Tuesday 31st May, get in touch!

Other roles include Helix Event Volunteers which is an exciting role given the amount and variety of an ever growing events calendar that takes place at Helix. Do you remember the Helix Ambassadors?

I am very interested in developing the Helix Ambassadors, a role that volunteers made a great success of before the Helix opened. I would like to refresh that role, now the park is opened. Introducing the kind of training that Clyde-siders and Olympic volunteers received and will really enhance the visitors experience to The Helix and benefit the volunteers!

If you are interested getting together for a chat, joining The Helix Green Team or other aspects of volunteering at The Helix contact Helen on 01324 590600 or have a look for more information here.