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The Mane Event

25 Oct

With the visitor centre not due to open until 2014 and The Kelpies only just reaching completion - only a select few members of staff and special guests get to have a sneak preview ahead of the offical opening.

Grant MacKenzie, our FCT team leader for everything Helix related, shares his experience of visiting The Kelpies for the very first time.

Working as part of the Helix project, is an inspiring and ever changing role - no day is the same. But some days are truly memorable and last week involved my first ever visit inside our living landmarks, The Kelpies, and it was a truly inspiring experience…

Firstly, from the outside it is the surreal impact of The Kelpies that hit me first. They are truly unique and being able to view them emerging out of the landscape, 30 metres into the air and in particular, the Canal Hub view is simply stunning.  As you move around the site, the Kelpies change in form and appearance. Even just moving a few metres around them can give you a totally different aspect, whether it is head up Kelpie shimmering in the sunlight or head down Kelpie's reflection in the Canal, they can be appreciated from many different angles. For example, have a look at this interesting image here, who would have thought a puddle could become so mesmerising!

I was also lucky enough to get inside one of The Kelpies and they are as impressive inside as they are on the outside. The engineering feat that the sculptures represent is striking as soon as you walk through the door. The light, the curves and the appreciation of the vision that the artist had for the sculptures, dramatically hit's you as you navigate your way round the interior. The main thing you cannot stop yourself doing is looking up and peeking out through the structure. There is just so much to discover.


425 x 405 Kelpie

The BBC's One Show feature on The Kelpies last week did give you a sneak peek inside them but you need to experience it for yourself to really appreciate them. It is a truly immersive experience. We are not quite ready to reveal what you can expect from a visit to to The Kelpies visitor centre however we promise its will be a trip worth taking!

It is fantastic to be involved with these magnificent sculptures and I hope that others, when the time comes to visit them for yourself, find them as inspiring as I did. I know that they are already well on their way to becoming icons for the area as well as for the whole of Scotland. We want to establish it as one of the country's top visitor attractions so that everyone can be inspired by the world's largest equine statues.  Ultimately, we can't wait for everyone to be able to have their own unique encounter with them and from next summer you too can discover the Kelpies experience for yourself… Get ready.

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