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Steve's Conservation work at the Helix

Meet Steve, one of our top park attendants at the Helix !

My name is Steve and I am a Park Attendant at the Helix in Falkirk.

Part of my role here is to look after the biodiversity and habitat that exists within the park. This includes working on projects to increase and support the number of species that we have. Earlier this year we decided to develop an area along the main road into to a wildflower meadow to support the population of bees and butterflies in the area. This involved us reclaiming an area of grass to use for planting. Had we not got the grass fully removed from the site then the wildflowers we planted would struggle to grow when competing with the existing grass.

We chose a wildflower mix that included a mixture of Perennial and Annual flowers such as Chrysanthemum, Common Poppy, Borage and Sweet Alyssum and seeded the area in late April. Although initially the flowers seemed to be developing very slowly, as summer progressed we achieved a wonderful bloom full of colour and variety. Once established we witnessed many pollinating insects visiting the flowers such as Bumblebees, Red Tailed Bumblebees and Red Admiral Butterflies.

Supporting species such as these is hugely beneficial for surrounding plant life as pollinating insects play such a key role in maintaining the health of an area of habitat. 90% of the worlds flowering plants rely on the work of pollinators to reproduce. Having seen the positive impact the wildflower meadow had, not only in supporting the species we have in the park but also in the feedback from park visitors admiring the meadow's beauty, we have decided to further extend the wildflower project next year.

We have selected two grass mounds at the Lagoon end of the park to be converted into wildflower mounds to compliment the meadow created this year. At the Helix, we are always keen to think of new ways to create and support habitat as well as the species in the park. Currently, we are considering how to create extra habitat in our wetlands and amongst the trees with the hope of being able to assist other species. Playing an active role in this is something I find immensely rewarding and satisfying. I look forward to getting involved in more and more projects of this nature as the park matures.

I hope that what you have read here will encourage you to think more about the importance of habitat conservation and perhaps seek projects to get involved in yourself!

If you are interesting in volunteering in the park you can find out more information on this page 

Thank you for reading.