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Rhiannon's Helix Day out

24 Sep

Another of our Helix Day visitors got in touch to let us know her thoughts on Helix Day - introducing 7 year old Rhiannon Whyte who gave Helix Park the thumbs up!

My mummy and I went to Helix Day in our car. But you can get a bus, or a car, or a train. Anything with wheels really.

I thought the park was pretty nice as we were walking along. It looked pretty.  But when we got to the park it was amazing. My favourite things were the snakes, they were pretty cool. And the holographs under the bridge were cool.

My favourite parts of the whole day was having lots of fun playing with my friend Hannah that I met. We ran round the spiral. Splash play was good but when it stopped we all said Boo!

425x470 Helix Day girl

I enjoyed everything about the park and I can't wait to go back. I liked the people playing nice tunes although I know they won't be there next time.

The next time I go to the Helix I am going to bring my skateboard with me. I'm going to have a longer time playing in the Splash play and bring a friend. I'm going to bring extra clothes for going home and extra clothes for my friend.

Everyone should go to the Helix because it is pretty fun, pretty nice and pretty awesome!

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