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Monster Marketing

01 Nov

Another of The Helix team, venue supervisor David, shares a super cute baby deer picture with us from Helix Park and explains his hopes for a lagoon monster one day. It would make for one amazing marketing opportunity...

I was truly unprepared for the scale of The Helix both physically and as a project when I joined the team less than two months ago. The Helix is massive in every sense of the word. I got my first glimpse of the site in the week leading up to Helix Day and thought the tour of the site would be more like a small walk. It most certainly was not a small walk, I thought I might have to camp out for the night (okay I exaggerate). Having only seen the plans previously, I formed a vision in my head of the size of the site that was so wide of the mark that Lionel Messi would be spinning in his scarlet and blue socks!

"Okay, so what?! It's big! We know! We've been!" you might scream at your screen, "Stop telling us stuff we know like some rubbish observational comedian!" You'd probably be right in screaming so but the size of it is testament to the ambition of the project is the point I'm making. It was clear to me that the project would not be done in halves; it would be bold with aspirations to be up there with the greatest public spaces around. Although I anticipated being part of a dynamic vision that is The Helix, it was encouraging to see it being played out.

In my second week I took a walk from The Stadium over to The Helix and took the entrance in from the East. On my way into the park I saw a baby deer. We stared each other out for a while then he/she scarpered into the trees. How lovely eh? This is he or she in the picture below to the right.  I also met Kacper, one of the Parks Attendants who is out and about at The Helix most days, smiling a lot and making sure The Helix stays pretty. If you see him say hello, he's a friendly guy.


Taking in a walk around the lagoon, watching reflections on the still water I was kinda hoping a monster would stick its head out of the water, spoiling the stillness and start a wonderful marketing campaign while baffling scientists for decades to come. "Get your lagoon monster key rings here! Two for a fiver!".  Surely that's the reason Nessie exists? What would you call it? Helixy? Plazamonster? The Big Scary Lagoon Beast? Watch out baby deer!

Anyway. I better finish here. My thoughts are that with the help of the local community and friends from further afield I believe The Helix will become a place to be proud of, whether you are a walker, dog walker, roller blader, cyclist, monster hunter or just cutting through on the way to work!

Enjoy watching The Helix grow.

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