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Bunny Blogging

06 Sep

Guest blogger Jane Hogg, from FCT Visitor Services, was one of the first to receive a packet of special Helix Wildflower seeds.

Look out on Helix Day, where this seed mix will be available for visitors to take home and grow their own little piece of Helix Park.

Only 7 days to go now until Helix Day and the pressure is on to get things looking good. 

For many staff across FCT and The Helix working towards the opening, it means that the washing gets left, the Hoover gathers dust and most meals these days are coming from the freezer.  However I did find a bit of time last weekend to finally tackle the weeds in the garden. And in a little corner, I scattered my Helix Wildflower Mix. 

To be honest I'm not a very diligent gardener so after a few tugs of the grass and a quick rake I ripped open the packet and threw caution to the wind.  The tiny little seeds flew everywhere so I am hoping for a random effect.

Such excitement in the Hogg garden, plus some lovely smelly compost, caused great excitement for Alfie.   Alfie is the Hogg family rabbit and you can see him in the picture inspecting my handy work and getting his paws nice and dirty.  He loved the newly weeded area of the garden and plonked himself down in the sun to enjoy the dirt.

655x290 _Helix seeeds bunny 

All we have to do now is hope that the seeds germinate and produce some lovely wildflower.  More picture to follow of rabbit and floral display.

Hope to see you all on Helix Day.  By the way I'm leaving Alfie at home.


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