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Healthy and delicious food at the Helix!

We are welcoming our chef Jason on the blog to talk about the delicious but healthy food you can find at the Helix visitor centre !

My name is Jason Bradshaw and I am the Chef at the Visitor Centre at The Helix. I have been working in the kitchen there since the Visitor Centre opened in October 2015. I have had the pleasure (and pain!) of working in catering all of my adult life and have 12 years experience in catering management and 10 years in hotel management. This has allowed to experience both back of house and front of house operations. This experience has been vital to working at such a prestigious visitor attraction.

My main aim when arriving at the Visitor Centre was to make sure we had a range of good quality food including healthy options. The next was to build a team that was capable of coping with the demand that thousands of visitors bring every day. It was made clear to me after joining The Helix team that the food had to be made onsite which is important to me as I believe you have to have control over the quality of your produce.

While it is important to suit my own needs and that of the business, I felt it important to get some independent recognition for the food we produce. This is why I have been working with Yvonne Traynor from NHS Scotland on achieving their Healthy Living award. I am glad to say that this was achieved in December and validates that we are providing healthy options to not only children but adults too.

I am also pleased that we are able to offer deals on our food, particularly for our regulars who support us, often on a daily basis. We introduced the hot drink loyalty card in November as a way of thanking our regulars but of course to turn seldom visitors into regular ones! On weekdays over the winter we are offering a hot food, cake and hot drink deal for £7.50 to hopefully warm you up on those days!

Not one to rest on my laurels, I have been in discussion with Visit Scotland with view to achieving their Taste Our Best award which would be another great achievement for us. So watch this space!

The plan in 2017 is to continue with the high standards we set in 2016 but to also push ourselves to try new things. One of which is our Alternative Valentines Dinner which will challenge us but will prove (hopefully!) that we have the skills and imagination to make the Visitor Centre even more special than it already is. I thoroughly enjoy my job at The Helix and work with a fantastic team both in the kitchen and the wider Helix team. I hope they feel the same way about me! 

To know more about our Food and Drink options at the Helix, visit our dedicated page !