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From a Land Down Under

Vicki Cheape is one of our recent recruits. Vicki currently works as a Park Attendant at Helix Park, making sure the Park is clean and tidy and ensuring the peaceful co-existence of the various flora and faunae in the Park.

For over a year, I lived in the outback of Australia in a remote town called Bowoloola. I worked as a station hand on an aboriginal cattle station called Seven Emus. Australia has such a delicate eco system, in terms of both flora and fauna, and I learned how important it is to carefully manage ecosystems.

I returned from Australia in October 2014 and immediately looked for a job related to the outdoors and nature. Having been away from home for over two years, I was overwhelmed to see the brand new Helix Park and The Kelpies right on my doorstep!

I managed to get a job as a Park Attendant, and started my role in November just past - just as winter started! It was a real shock after coming back from 40 degree heat in Australia!

What really surprised me was the huge amount of nature that thrives in The Helix project. I love watching the Roe Deer in the mornings, grazing by the Lagoon, or the heron which seems to be the bravest bird ever - they're quite happy to stand and watch us work!

For the past week myself and my colleague Jonny have been working on the upcoming bat roost in Helix Park, a place designed to encourage bat breeding and provide shelter for bats. Bats are an important part of any ecosystem - they serve as pollinators, seed dispersers and insect-eaters - so it's important that we take steps to facilitate the conservation of bats. The new bat roost is a great first step!


Myself and Steve - another of my colleagues - have been creating other habitats for the fauna around the Park to thrive in. I think this is a great way to reuse Helix wood and brush in the park.

I'm excited to be involved with The Helix and to contribute to its future plans - including getting the public more involved with the nature that we have here!

To learn more about volunteering at The Helix, visit our Volunteering page.