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A Dog's Tail

19 Sep

Now that Helix Park is officially open, we asked for visitors to send us their thoughts on the park to turn into some more guest blogs.  What we didn't expect, was the pictures and emails from some four legged Helix Park fans.  Here are a few `tails` we thought we would share.


Gill and Megan

Loved my walk today at the Helix Park. We went to the Lagoon Beach and I got to paddle! Was a tad cold but what fun! The new cafe looks like it is coming along nicely (much to my owners delight to satisfy her cafe latte addiction) so looking forward to having lots of fun here.

So much to see will need to come back at the weekend and check out the Wetlands next! Woof!

425 x 405 dog 3


Pauline and Oscar

Last Saturday morning started as normal for me with my mummy sorting breakfast (toast with spreading cheese on weekends) and getting ready for my big walk.  I get really excited when going somewhere new and started barking when we drove past my usual spot.  Where was mum taking me today?! This was very strange.  Imagine my excitement when we got out the car - wowser  - a new place for me to run around in and for mummy to chase me - sometimes I pretend I cannot hear her  when she calls me to come back (ha, ha). 

It even had a lagoon in the middle of it (pity I am too vain to swim). I can't wait to go back for my next big walk and make some new doggy friends at The Helix. Maybe mummy will even buy me an ice cream but only if I am good boy and do not pull on my lead! That's all for now from Oscar (aka shug the dug)

 425x405 dog 1


Fiona and Patch

I can hear the `W` word from anywhere in our house so when I heard `want to go for a WALK?` last Saturday, I was ready and raring.

My mum and dad took me to this place called Helix Park which I'd never been to before but there were a lot of people there and lots of nice smells. They kept trying to make me play in these fountains, which I was not up for at all, even though there were other doggies having a great time - I was too scared.  When I clocked the big bit of water in the middle with the beach though - there was no stopping me! Had a great time swimming and splashing (and ignoring my mum every time she tried to get me out).  Looking forward for another `W` word to that place!!

425x405 dog 2


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