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Helix summer outdoor fun sessions

Join us for our summer fun outdoor sessions ! 

The Helix Park is organising fun outdoor activities for the wee ones from the 7th of July until the 17th of August. There are sessions for all ages and interests ! 

Under 5's all session 10.30am-12noon

SOLDOUT- 7th July - The Hungry Caterpillar

Come along and join The Hungry Caterpillar on his journey through art activities, storytelling and games. 

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SOLDOUT-10th July -  Little Red Riding Hood's picnic

Little Red Riding Hood is having a picnic and you are all invited! Come along and learn all about Red Riding Hood and her fairy tale friends. Who will you meet along the way?

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SOLDOUT-25th July -  Incy Wincy Spider

Join us as we learn more about our 8 legged friends..yes that's right friends! We will discover the world of spiders through fun and games and a spider hunt.

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SOLDOUT- 31st July -  Pirates and Princesses

Arrrrr me 'earties! Come along and learn how to be the best pirate or princess in the whole of the 7 seas. But be aware a swift walk of the plank for those scally wags who attempt mutiny.

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6th August -  Fantastic Foxes

Learn all about the fantastic world of Foxes; how do they move? How do they talk to each other? Come along and find out.

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12th August - Who lives in our woods?

How much do we know about who lives in our woods? Come along as we become woodland detectives and discover who or what lives in our woodlands.

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5- 8 years all sessions 10.30am - 12.30pm

SOLDOUT - 17th July -  Woodland Treasure Hunt

We hope you have lots of energy for running around The Helix. Who know where our clues may lead you..

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3rd August - Star Woods

In Woodland far far away exists the jedi training camp. Do you have what it takes to master the skills of the Jedi and defeat Lord Vader?

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8+ all sessions 10.30am  - 12.30pm 

18th July -  Mad Scientists!

Bring out your inner mad scientists as we try our hands at some wacky and fun experiments.

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14th August - Dens and furniture building

Learn how to use tools to build your own simple furniture to take away. Try your hand at den building too. Will your den with stand the water test?

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Over 10's session time 10.30am - 12.30pm 

5th August - Fire and Food!

Come along and learn how to light fires and cook some campfire treats.
*Dietary info required*

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Important Information: 

• All sessions are £5 per person. And must be booked in advance via Box Office 01324 506850 or online.

• An adult must accompany all children under 6 years of age.    

• Please meet at the Welly Walk entrance (at Falkirk Stadium, pedestrian crossing entrance) 5 minutes before the session is due to start where you will meet Jess the session leader.  

Children must be dressed appropriately for the weather and also for outdoor play ie, old clothes, wellies etc

• The activities may take place in muddy and uneven areas of the park, as such we recommend that buggies are not brought along to this event

• There will be a photographer present at these sessions capturing the essence and fun. These images will potentially be used for future marketing and social media purposes.

• If tickets are sold out online, we may have more tickets available at the Box Office !

Book your tickets online or call the Box Office: 01324 506850