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How is Fire and Light 2018 different to last year's event?

We have developed a whole new programme of activity that will be interspersed throughout the park from the lagoon to The Kelpies and back again. We have also increased the length of the walk from 3k to 4k.

Some of the old favourites will be back, including marshmallow toasting!

Keep an eye on our social media sites as we release sneak previews on what to expect!

What time should we arrive?

Please arrive at the ticket gates at the Falkirk Stadium NO MORE THAN 15 minutes before your allocated start time. You will not be permitted access to the event before your ticketed time.

What does my ticket time mean?

The time on your ticket indicates your check in time at the ticket gates; you will be permitted entry to The Helix at this time.

Where are my tickets?

Your tickets will be emailed or posted to you in advance of the event with some pre event information. If you receive an E-ticket, please print this and your car parking pass (if you have pre-booked parking) and bring these along on the 1st & 2nd. Please display your car parking pass on your windscreen

If you have not received your tickets 2 weeks before the event please give us a call and we will sort this out for you. Box Office: 01324 506850.

Where can we park?

Limited parking will be available at The Falkirk Stadium; reservations can be made upon booking event tickets. Parking reservations will be available on a first come first served basis at £5 per car. The Falkirk Stadium car park will be closed until 4:00pm; please do not arrive before this time.

If you are bringing a car and have not booked a parking space it is your responsibility to find suitable parking. Parking in urban clearways around The Helix Park is strictly forbidden.

A drop off area is available from 4:00pm onwards at Falkirk Stadium. This is a drop off area only, parking in this area is strictly forbidden.

Free parking areas near the Helix park are :

- The College

- West Mains Industrial Park

- Central Retail Park

Car parks at The Helix will be closed from 3pm on the 1st and 2nd January with no access throughout the event.

I am a blue badge holder, where should I park?

When you book your tickets please let us know if you hold a blue badge and we will allocate you a space at Falkirk Stadium. Please remember to bring your Blue Badge with you. Box Office: 01324 506850

Will Helix Park be closed?

A large section of the Park will be closed for the event from 2pm onwards. Both car parks at the Helix will be closed on 1st and 2nd of January.

How long will the walk be?

The walking route is approximately 4km in length. We estimate it will take approximately  1 hour 30 minutes to complete.

Are dogs allowed into the event?

Please leave all pets at home as this event will involve some pyrotechnics and loud noises.

Is this event suitable for children?

Yes, the event will involve a walk so please come prepared for this and the weather! The route is accessible for all and so suitable for push chairs.

How far will we have to walk?

The walking route is approximately 4km in length which should take 1.5 hours to complete. The route is fully accessible to buggies and wheelchairs. Please do not use bikes to complete he route. There are plenty of bike parks available both at The Stadium and within The Helix.

What time does the event finish?

Walks start every 15 minutes and we estimate they will take approximately an hour and a half or so to complete. The event closes entirely at 10:00pm.

Will there be food available?

Yes, we have increased the number of food outlets available this year and they will be dotted throughout the walking route. This will include hot food and drink, illuminated novelty items, carousel rides and marshmallow toasting. Please note cash only will be accepted by these vendors.

There will also be hot food and drink available at The Visitor Centre, which will remain open until 9.15pm

What should we wear?

We recommend that you wear warm and waterproof clothing as this is an outdoor event. Ground conditions may be wet, please wear suitable footwear. You will be outside for over 1.5 hours so wearing layers and lots of warm clothing is advisable.

What will happen if the weather is very bad?

The event will only be cancelled if the weather in Falkirk is perceived to be a danger to the public (e.g. extremely high winds)

The event will not be cancelled in the following circumstances:

Heavy rain in Falkirk - we advise that all visitors dress appropriately for the weather

Heavy rain in other areas of Scotland - we advise our visitors to take note of the weather conditions on route to the event and allow ample time for their journey.

Very Cold Weather - we advise that our visitors dress warmly and appropriately for cold weather

The decision to cancel will be made at 11am on the day of the event. Shortly after which we will endeavor to contact you either by e-mail or by text and a notice will be posted on the front page of our website and social media sites.

You should check the web site and social media from noon on 1st January & 2nd January, particularly if extremely high winds or storm conditions are forecast.

If the event is cancelled do I get a refund?
Yes, you will be refunded. Your payment details are not held on file so, in the event of a refund, please wait 24 hours and then contact us via email.

If one day of the event is cancelled unfortunately we will be unable to accommodate additional visitors on the second day of Fire & Light.  

Will there be fireworks?

Unfortunately we aren't allowed to set fireworks off at The Helix; however we will have lots of flames to keep you entertained.

How can we get involved?

The Clootie Wish Tree

New Year is about making resolutions and wishes for what's to come. Each year at Fire & Light we celebrate this in different ways, and for 2018 we have provided you with a piece of ribbon to write on and hang on our Clootie Wish Tree! Simply write your New Year wish before you come ot the event, and place it on a branch during the event. Then when the wind blows through the tree your wish will be released and carried off to come true!

Don't worry if you haven't received any ribbon, there will be more at the event.